Fee fishing will not be open in 2017

We offer fee fishing when in season, you can come & fish your little heart out & catch any amount of trout you'd like, no fishing license required~ just bring yourself, we provide everything & even clean the fish for you!!! You pay by the inch.

2016 Fee Fishing Price

.50 per inch


Pond Stocking
Perhaps you have a pond & like to watch the fish or you'd like to watch them grow so you can have a fish fry, we will stock your pond for you! We offer delivery service or you can pick them up for yourself.


Pond Treatments
Do you have a pond with lots of algae or cat tails? We can help take care of that for you. We offer pond treatments, just give us a call, we can usually do it pretty quick!

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About Blue Spring Fish Farm

Blue Springs Fish Farm has been the Schulz family for over 45 years & re-opened 10 years ago & we've gotten bigger than ever & excited to provide quality fish to our customers!!!! We take pride in the cleanliness of our facility & in the health of our fish. Come by & see our wonderful facility, it's a great learning experience for the young & old!

2017 Pond Stocking Price


1' to 3'        .55

4' to 6'        .95

6' to 8'      $1.30

8' to 10'    $2.00

10' to 12'  $3.00

12' to 14'  $4.05

15+        Call for availability

What We Offer

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